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AssociatedContent.com Writer's Network

Associated Content Writers' Network
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This community is for those of us who write for AssociatedContent.com. There are a lot of semi-celebrity writers there on AC and since most of us aren't one of them, let's get the word out! According the terms of AC, link exchanges and things like that are not allowed for the purposes of just increasing page views. That's not what we're about anyway! I want this community to just be for those of us to post articles that others might be interested in and articles that you are extremely proud of. We all have the capability to be excellent writers, so show us! :D


-If your link shows up already on the main page, don't post it again.

-If you have a bunch of articles you want to show off, don't post individual entries to promote each article. That is annoying and I won't have it. One entry is enough, thanks. :)

-No begging for page views! While, they are nice, this isn't an "increase my page views, I'm not interested in anything else" community.

-Asking for honest opinions of an article is acceptable. However, be prepared for the honest truth!

-If you give an opinion of someone's article, don't be derogatory. There are ways of providing constructive criticism without coming off rude and disrespectful.

-Neither LiveJournal nor myself are responsible for anything that you post that violates the terms of service that AC has.