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I'm so glad I write for AC!

Let's see. I'm just doing this for fun. I get paid $2 for every 1,000 page views. I get paid about $3 per article (though some don't get payment and some get a lot less like only $1.)

I need around a total of $10,000 to completely pay my bills.

This would mean that I would need to make $10,000 in one month to pay my bills in one month. That would then mean that I would need my articles to get *trying to figure this out*

1,000 PV gets me $2.
10,000 PV gets me $20
100,000 PV would get me $200
1,000,000 PV would get me $2,000
10,000,000 PV would get me $20,0000

I've only gotten around $100 and that's just been around the winter months because of having articles relating to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So, I need, um, all the world that has an Internet connection to read my articles?

You can help me by reading my articles at http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/108272/bridget_ilene_delaney.html

If you want to get notified of when I published an article click on the "Follow" button that's near my picture on the front page.

If I actually made $3 per every article written, then I'd need to write 9,999 articles. Some would probably be a few cents more than $3. That would take FOREVER. I'd have to write *figures this out* 333.33333, so, 334 articles in one month for upfront payment. That means that I'd have to write over 100 articles a day! That's crazy!

I think the page view thing is MORE likely, so yeah, I think I need people to give me page views while I still write.

So, once again, my articles are at http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/108272/bridget_ilene_delaney.html

Also, just a side note. I submitted two things to Review Stream.

The first thing they sent me was a simple rejection, which was no problem. It just said

Please feel free to post more reviews and earn more cash. Don't forget to recommend ReviewStream.com to your friends. ReviewStream.com team appreciates your cooperation.

This was on a review at first of a website. The other review that I wrote was for Old Navy and it was not all that positive. They said they wanted your experiences, so I gave them my experiences. The reviews were my exact experiences.

The second thing they sent me said,

Please be informed, that we're not interested in cooperation with you. All of your submissions will be rejected.

I'm so very glad things with AC ended up fine because I'd have a huge problem trying to get freelancing with other sites when a site that is supposed to allow ANYBODY to write sends me a message like that! How did they determine they didn't want any of my reviews from just TWO submitted???

Eh, so glad I'm on AC!


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