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All's well!

All seems to be well now! AC restored my account!

If you're wondering:

I was using another site just for the outlines so I didn't forget what I wanted to write. I was writing general how to articles - all stuff that I've done, helped people do, or had people try to teach me to do. I guess using the outlines made them too close to the original site for AC, though. I don't know.

If AC would've just given me that information in the first place, I would've deleted the articles. However, instead, AC gave me upfront offers first. They only gave me the information that the articles were too close to something already online after I had accepted the upfront payment offer. They then "declined the articles for payment" retroactively.

Yes, the articles were already publish by AC, not by myself for performance payment only, but by AC for an upfront payment.

The next day, I tried to log into my account and they had banned me from AC.

I wrote to them and waited and waited and waited and didn't get an answer. I was letting people know what happened.

By the next day, AC finally responded apologizing that they did not give me a clear reason my account was banned and I was able to delete the two articles that they denied retroactively and one that I should've guessed was too close to probably any sites online because there are not many differences in an article about how to wash your hair - there are only so many ways to say a quarter size dollop of shampoo, use hot water, use cold water, etc.

Anyway, things are good now, though. I still love AC and it is my favorite freelancing site!

Now, I'd like them to get back to others who never purposely "plagiarize" or for other reasons. Hopefully one of these days, all that will be worked out and they'll not have this happening. It would be great to see AC as being really and truly the best freelancing site for everybody. I'm sure they'd love that. I'd love to be able to say it as well.


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