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newbie again.

Good morning all,

Just had a few articles published on AC.


Please check them out. Thanks!

rookie on board.

Hi everyone - I'm an AC newbie. I just had my first short story published today. You can check it out here - http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6218038/reciprocity.html?cat=44

Any tips/suggestions for the newbie?
Hey guys, I'm 75% to rank 9! If you have time can you help me get there by giving me some clicks?? Thanks! If you comment, I'll go click on you, too!

Improving traffic

Hello everyone! I am trying to improve my traffic and was hoping for some advice. This is my writer page: http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/125054/jenny_gagne.html

It seems like I just can't break out of the 200/day area.

Help Haiti

Please, come view my article about ways to Help Haiti. Just by viewing my article, you are helping! http://2tu.us/1f74

Associated Content will match all the performance payments that I make on the article (I get $2 for every $1,000, so spread the word so AC donates A LOT of money!)

Then, even search the site for "Haiti" to find other articles to give them views and help Haiti as well!

Please help!

Thanks so much,

I'm so glad I write for AC!

Let's see. I'm just doing this for fun. I get paid $2 for every 1,000 page views. I get paid about $3 per article (though some don't get payment and some get a lot less like only $1.)

I need around a total of $10,000 to completely pay my bills.

This would mean that I would need to make $10,000 in one month to pay my bills in one month. That would then mean that I would need my articles to get *trying to figure this out*

1,000 PV gets me $2.
10,000 PV gets me $20
100,000 PV would get me $200
1,000,000 PV would get me $2,000
10,000,000 PV would get me $20,0000

I've only gotten around $100 and that's just been around the winter months because of having articles relating to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So, I need, um, all the world that has an Internet connection to read my articles?

You can help me by reading my articles at http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/108272/bridget_ilene_delaney.html

If you want to get notified of when I published an article click on the "Follow" button that's near my picture on the front page.

If I actually made $3 per every article written, then I'd need to write 9,999 articles. Some would probably be a few cents more than $3. That would take FOREVER. I'd have to write *figures this out* 333.33333, so, 334 articles in one month for upfront payment. That means that I'd have to write over 100 articles a day! That's crazy!

I think the page view thing is MORE likely, so yeah, I think I need people to give me page views while I still write.

So, once again, my articles are at http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/108272/bridget_ilene_delaney.html

Also, just a side note. I submitted two things to Review Stream.

The first thing they sent me was a simple rejection, which was no problem. It just said

Please feel free to post more reviews and earn more cash. Don't forget to recommend ReviewStream.com to your friends. ReviewStream.com team appreciates your cooperation.

This was on a review at first of a website. The other review that I wrote was for Old Navy and it was not all that positive. They said they wanted your experiences, so I gave them my experiences. The reviews were my exact experiences.

The second thing they sent me said,

Please be informed, that we're not interested in cooperation with you. All of your submissions will be rejected.

I'm so very glad things with AC ended up fine because I'd have a huge problem trying to get freelancing with other sites when a site that is supposed to allow ANYBODY to write sends me a message like that! How did they determine they didn't want any of my reviews from just TWO submitted???

Eh, so glad I'm on AC!

All's well!

All seems to be well now! AC restored my account!

If you're wondering:

I was using another site just for the outlines so I didn't forget what I wanted to write. I was writing general how to articles - all stuff that I've done, helped people do, or had people try to teach me to do. I guess using the outlines made them too close to the original site for AC, though. I don't know.

If AC would've just given me that information in the first place, I would've deleted the articles. However, instead, AC gave me upfront offers first. They only gave me the information that the articles were too close to something already online after I had accepted the upfront payment offer. They then "declined the articles for payment" retroactively.

Yes, the articles were already publish by AC, not by myself for performance payment only, but by AC for an upfront payment.

The next day, I tried to log into my account and they had banned me from AC.

I wrote to them and waited and waited and waited and didn't get an answer. I was letting people know what happened.

By the next day, AC finally responded apologizing that they did not give me a clear reason my account was banned and I was able to delete the two articles that they denied retroactively and one that I should've guessed was too close to probably any sites online because there are not many differences in an article about how to wash your hair - there are only so many ways to say a quarter size dollop of shampoo, use hot water, use cold water, etc.

Anyway, things are good now, though. I still love AC and it is my favorite freelancing site!

Now, I'd like them to get back to others who never purposely "plagiarize" or for other reasons. Hopefully one of these days, all that will be worked out and they'll not have this happening. It would be great to see AC as being really and truly the best freelancing site for everybody. I'm sure they'd love that. I'd love to be able to say it as well.


Right now, AC has suspended my account.

They claimed that I did nto quote my sources and that what I wrote was found other places online.

However, they did this retroactively. The content was accepted and published. Then they took it down and said it was denied for upfront payment.

I went to bed last night, not thinking about, thinking I could delete the articles this morning and read over the TOS again.

Instead, when I tried to log into my account, I found that I was suspended from AC!

This is very distressing because AC was my source of income.

I know these were published on AC, but there were non-exclusive articles.

Could you please visit my Bukisa articles so that I make some money this month?

Here's the link:

Thanks so much,
Bridget Ilene Delaney

(Yes, I have e-mailed Associated Content and so far, they have not contacted me at all! I try to read the TOS weekly, so something must have changed IN THE PAST WEEK for them to do this to me.)

I need help from AC contributors!

I really need your help!

AC suspended my account.

You see, I had rewritten some information from howcast - something I had done plenty of times without any warning, so figured it was fine because it was in my own words (I just used howcast as a guideline) and then I always quoted howcast as a source and put the URL in the referenced URL boxes, too. (I have a journalism degree, so I know what plagiarism is and what they are claiming I'm doing is not anything wrong at all.)

However, now they took my ALREADY PUBLISHED articles, and said that I had violated their terms and conditions - after the articles were ACCEPTED for payment!

So, this suspension was done RETROACTIVELY!!!

There was only one that was written BEFORE they even gave me the "your content has been declined" on the other articles.

Now, they don't want to pay me anything, either! I had over $80 performance payments, and they won't pay me my money because they decided to suspend my account! Now I can't do anything! I can't log into my accoutn and the AC workers will not reply to my e-mails and requests!

I need people to contact AC on my behalf so I can get my account restored!

LJ syndicated feed of my AC articles!

My awesome friend psychic_spychic made an LJ syndicated feed for my Associated Content articles instead of that silly widget or feed thing that I was trying, so you can follow it here if you want!

Here's the URL for that:

Go there and choose "subscribe" over on your right on the screen! You'll be able to see the article in the little intro blurb to it!

Comparisons between AC and Examiner

The page view rates are better with Examiner, but you don't get any upfront payments. Plus, you can get paid if you've accumulated as little as $1.50 from AC, but you have to wait until you've made at least $25 to get a paypal pay-out from Examiner. I think on the whole Examiner probably pays a little better, but it's also a fair amount of work. You have to write on the topic you picked and you're expected to turn out 4 articles a week minimum (though they can be short). For AC, I like that I can write about whatever I want.

I read another AC writer say that she thinks that her articles she wrote in response to "Calls for Content" did especially well in terms of page views, so I've been picking up a few more of those.

This was a call for content, but it's a little early to say how it's doing for page views:

Tips for Treating Seasonal Allergies

A few of my latest articles on Examiner:

University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University seeing tuition increases for 2009-2010

Washtenaw schools go 'green' with environmentally-friendly programs

Education 101: How can I find information on charter schools in Washtenaw County?

Obama establishes 'Race to the Top' challenge for schools


Becoming an Examiner

In case any of you Associated Content people are looking for other write-for-pay opportunities, I can tentatively recommend Examiner.com. I like their publishing tool, and so far I'm getting pretty good page views. You pick a topic you're an expert on and write about subjects within that broad topic, and they help you publicize your work to get page views.

They're actively looking to recruit writers in Detroit and many other places. If you're interested, comment and I'll give you more info.

In the meantime, my first two articles for Examiner!

The University of Michigan is a hotbed for startups

Five resources to keep kids learning over summer vacation

New article, new template!

I just recently tried the "Interview" template for the first time. I may do that again, since interviews are fun and easy to write.

Certified Celebrant: Individuals Providing Secular or Mixed-Faith Ceremonies

I also had a book review published a while back:

A Review of the Book "Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight"

and I don't think I've posted this article to this community yet, either:

Improving Relationships between Mothers and Daughters

I've made the offer before, but I'm mentioning it again in case we have new members: I'm happy to sign up to follow you on AC and get updates each time you post something new, so feel free to direct me to your CP page and I'll make you a favorite and read you on a regular basis.

Most Annoying Songs - Please Come Vote!

Please come vote for your top five most annoying songs at this poll! I don't have enough of a data set yet to complete a new entry about the winners! I know that people are anxious to see the results.

The poll is located here:

New Member (crosspost)


My name is Jen, and I just moved to Atlanta, GA from Maine. I'd love for my articles to get more hits, and to get some feedback on the writing, and be able to do the same for others. Here's my CP page.

Thanks guys!


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